Thank you.  You’ve completed the registration and “Member In Good Standing” application.

You will receive a notification in your email.

Next Steps:

Approval of Account

The Local will review your information provided throughout the registration process and use it to cross-reference their records. If the information provided is correct the Local will activate your account and you will be able to access the Member Portal. Once your account has been activated you will receive a notification to your email.

Approval of Member in Good Standing application

Once your account has been activated and your Member in Good Standing Application has been received, names of the applicants are made available at the first regular membership meeting after the application for membership has been submitted. If there are no objections raised by the membership, the applicants are accepted as members in good standing. If an objection is raised, the reasons for the objection must be placed in front of the membership. The membership will then vote on admission of the applicant. If a majority of the members present vote to accept the application, then the applicant will be accepted as a member (B.8.2 CUPE National Constitution).

After Approval, the membership officer will be mailing you a CUPE pink card for your wallet (preview below).

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