A History of Pride in Canada

For years, Pride has been celebrated in North America during the month of June. Over the last decade, we have seen a massive global movement and Pride is now recognized/celebrated across the globe! Since the late 60’s, the LGBTQ2+ movement has overcome major hurdles and shattered glass ceilings.
We still fight for equity, equality and inclusivity – especially for LGBTQ2+ people in countries around the world that still cause harm, imprisonment or even death for people that have been outed in their community. They are either forced to leave their families and homes to try and take refuge in countries such as Canada or risk a very unfortunate outcome, just for being the person they were born to be!
Below is a great link that takes a look at important dates and times for the LGBTQ2+ community here in Canada.
Joseph DiFlaviano
CUPE Ontario Pink Triangle Committee Member