You should report the following:

  • Any type of injury
  • Slips, Trips, Falls
  • Sprain or strain
  • Blood and body fluid exposure
  • Acts of workplace violence, toward you or someone else
  • Hazardous situations
  • Near misses

Who do I report incidents too?

  • Your Manager
  • Fill out an HIR (Hazard Incident Report) Click the icon found on any hospital PC. We suggest having a copy forwarded to one of your local’s health & safety reps (Please be advised that your personal information will be disclosed to them)

-If you do not have access to a computer or not computer savvy, please ask your manager or supervisor to assist you in filling out your HIR.

When do you report and injury or hazard?

  • Immediately

When should I contact my Health & Safety Representative?

  • When a hazard is causing immediate danger to workers
  • When you have notified your manager and filled out an HIR and the issue is not corrected.

Can I just inform my Health & Safety Rep of an unsafe situation?

  • No, your health & safety representative does not have the authority to correct an unsafe situation. It is the responsibility of your manager/employer to rectify the situation. Your health and safety representative can address the issue with the JHSC and the committee and the committee has the ability to make recommendations to the employer.

Do I have to report an injury or hazardous situation?

  • Yes, you have a legal responsibility under the Occupational Health & Safety Act.