A Message Regarding Overtime

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

CUPE Local 786 still maintains if you are from an 8 or 10 hour department and you are now working 12hr shifts

You are entitled to extension of your premium for 2 to 4 hours

If you are working Monday to Friday worker

You are entitled to time and half on the weekends that you work for the whole 12 hour shift  

If you have moved with out a 4 week notice of change of posted master to a new master and in the middle of a posted schedule all of those shifts would be time and a half for the weekend shifts and the tours that were extended

Please contact any of the following immediately:

Santo Cimino (President) scimino@cupe786.org

Sam Forsyth (Vice President) sforsyth@cupe786.org

Kevin Cook (Chief Steward) kccok@cupe786.org