Nominations for Office for CUPE Local 786 from Tuesday’s General Membership Meeting – Tuesday October 6, 2020.

Click on the candidates name to view their campaign material as it becomes available.

Jackie Davis
Michelle Nevicato

Health & Safety Officer
Verden Lakey
Bill Van Hoek

Membership Officer
Pat Bursey
Colleen Graham

WSIB/RTW Officer
Jessica Thompson – Acclaimed

Recording Secretary
Kati Codispodi – Acclaimed

3 Year Trustee
Catherine Sawosciej – Acclaimed

A Few Election Reminders:

1) Elections are happening on Tuesday November 3rd 2020 from 6am – 6pm.

2) Voting is by electronic vote. You must be registered on the Membership Portal on prior to election day.

3) You must be pre-registered prior to election day. No registrations will be accepted on voting day.

4) Any attempts to vote more than once will result in a scratched vote.

Election related questions should be directed to the Returning Officer Susan Thornton at