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#RepealBill124 and support frontline workers TODAY.

The cost of things like rent, groceries, and gas are skyrocketing and so many people are feeling stretched thin, burned out at work, and unsupported.

But instead of putting workers first, investing in public services, and raising wages, the Ford Conservatives passed Bill 124 and capped total compensation, including wages, for public sector workers to only 1 per cent. In light of historic inflation, that amounted to an unacceptable wage cut. This means that frontline workers – like PSWs, RPNs, caretakers at Universities, and so many others – are now struggling to make ends meet, let alone get ahead.

But now we have an opportunity to push the Ford Conservatives to do the right thing.

“I’m a strong believer when you get inflation, we’ve got to treat people fairly,” Ford said to reporters the day after the election. “We’re going to sit down and negotiate fairly with…no matter what union it is.”

Now’s the time to hold him to that. Now’s the time to tell the Ford Conservatives that you can’t negotiate fairly as long as Bill 124 is the law.

Now’s the time to repeal Bill 124.