Important Information Regarding Elections at November 7th Administration Information Meeting

As indicated in the meeting notice, the Local is in receipt of a written complaint submitted in accordance with section B.XI Trial Procedure of the CUPE National Constitution.  As such, the Local must comply with the prescribed procedure which includes the election of a Trial Panel of 11 members in good standing and the selection of a Trial Committee of 5 members from those elected.

Once the Trial Committee is selected, it will hold a private hearing into the complaint and render a decision in accordance with National Guidelines.  Once the Trial Committee’s business is concluded it will be disbanded.

The decision to hold the elections at the 4:30 p.m. meeting is to ensure that we achieve quorum in order to conduct business and that time slot is the one in which we have experienced the highest level of attendance in the past.

Reminder:  As advised in the Administrator’s first report to the membership, in order to facilitate the Administration and regain Local autonomy, members need to avoid rumours and unofficial claims by other members by contacting the Local directly to get the facts.