On April 28, we are encouraging all CUPE members across the province to observe a moment of silence in recognition of workers who have been killed or injured on the job and in protest of the government’s failure to protect them from COVID-19.

We are demanding paid sick days for all workers, vaccinations for all frontline workers, paid time off from work for vaccination, an immediate end to any enhanced police powers, and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Fill out the form below and pledge to take the following actions on the Day of Mourning—April 28:

    • Observe a moment of silence;
    • Wear black (for example, by wearing a black mask, using a black mask as an impromptu armband, or wearing all black—whatever you can do);
    • Send a message to Premier Doug Ford and your MPP below;
    • Download the poster, print it, and send a photo of yourself with it to Katherine Codispodi, and post it to social media with the hashtag #PaidSickDays;
    • Call your MPP and Premier Ford’s office at 416-745-2859 and demand paid sick days, vaccinations for all frontline workers and an end to enhanced police powers.

Click below to take action and tell Doug Ford how you feel:

Day of Mourning E-Action